Today At Covenant

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Who we Are - What we Believe

1. We’re Reformed: We believe in the doctrines of grace, that salvation is by the sovereign mercy of God and not by human will or works(Romans 9:16), and that when we gather for worship we do so with God at the center, careful to worship in Spirit and in truth - the truth of His Word (John 4:23, John 17:17).

2. We’re Multi-Racial: We believe that the Lord Jesus calls all kinds of people together to form one church(John 10:16) and nothing ought to separate Christians (except unrepentant sin) (Eph. 2:15). Therefore, we believe that a Biblical church should look like the community in which it lives.

3. We’re Active: We believe that every member of a church should be supplying some gift to help the church grow(Eph. 4:16). The church is to be a community of believers who meet not to be entertained but to be discipled, learning how to follow the Lord Jesus in every area of life by the power of the Holy Spirit; seeking to grow in holiness, reverently worshiping a holy God while being relevant when reaching out.

 Covenant Reformed Baptist - Christmas Video 2014